Homeschool Ins and Outs!

So, I have questions about Homeschooling.

This weekend, JC and I had four different families ask us about homeschooling. The parents had questions regarding dealing with the school district, legal issues, and curriculum. I thought it would be easier to answer the questions here, and share with the parents who are very concerned about their children. Here goes:

1. Can the School District prosecute  me for truancy for homeschooling?  

           Answer:  In order to prosecute for truancy, the child needs to be between the ages of 7 and
 16, and not enrolled in public, parochial, private, or homeschooling.  In Missouri, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) states the parent will need to put in writing they are homeschool along with their address.  If a parent of a child older than 7 wants to homeschool, they simply write a letter to the school before September 1st, or three days after taking the child out of public school.  If you follow this simple rule, the school CANNOT prosecute you for truancy.

  Here is the DESE website regarding Homeschooling in Missouri.  It will answer many of your questions!


2.  Can the School District call Department of Family Services (DFS) if I begin Homeschooling my child?

         Answer: Anyone can call DFS for any reason, that being said, DFS workers do not respond to  calls unless a child is in danger.  As far as I know, Missouri will not open a case due to Homeschooling.  If anyone has a different story regarding DFS, please leave a comment.

3.  Do I need to sign a paper from the School District saying I am Homeschooling? 

      Answer:  If the School District has a specific policy (found in the school's policy book) of filling out and signing specific paperwork you will need to do so.  However, very few schools have this policy in the official policy passed by the school board.

NOTE:  I have been unable to find a policy in the Gainesville, MO School District Policy handbook stating a paper should be sign. If the School Board has not made a specific policy, it reverts back to DESE's requirements. DESE required a letter to the school stating you are Homeschooling your child, their age, date of birth, and your address.

4.  Where do I start?  What do I need to do to Homeschool my child?

        Answer:  DESE required parent's to keep records.  Please look at the website above.  You will need to keep lesson plans, samples of school work, and a record of hours a week completing  curriculum.

There are tons of great Homeschooling Curriculum on the market.  I will try to round up the various types reviewed in Blogland.  I personally like A Beka, but you need to research and find the curriculum that fits your child's needs.

5. Do I need to purchase the entire curriculum for the grade level for my child?

       Answer:  I am going to wait and answer this question later on this week.

Please hang in there!  Know you are not alone, there is a great deal of support for parents who Homeschool in our area. The school, or certain individuals, may try to bully or threaten you, but in Missouri you have the right to place your child in the best learning environment for them and your family. Feel free to ask questions, or contact me for morale support.

My Amazing Daughter's Gift to Others

Ella's Bookshelf

We have a new house, a smaller new house.  My husband and I told Ella she could have something big she wanted for her birthday, and ask her friends to not bring gifts.  She asked if we could have everyone bring something for kids who do not have anything. Wow!

After discussion, she decided she wanted people to bring books for children in foster care.  So we are starting Ella's Bookshelf, we hope to continue throughout the year.  We hope this helps to teach her about wants and needs, as well as giving to others.  I am so proud of her! Those of you who are donating, please bring a new, unwrapped children or young adult book.  Thank you for helping us teaching charity and grace to our daughter.


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