Thrifty Finds Thursday

Ok, most of us are not millionaires, and the few I know got there by being thrifty.  So to save money I like to get creative with my wardrobe.  I want to share some of the creative outfits I come up with from Thrift Store finds.  I am hoping to share an outfit a week in this summer, so stay tuned!

 My first outfit I wore to church Sunday with compliments.  I took a dress (got the dress with a jacket for $3 at Goodwill) and a shirt (got for $1 at our local Thrift Store).  My husband did not like the shirt when I showed it to him.  When I put the outfit together, he asked me where I got the new shirt (he was with me when I bought it!).  That shows how pieces can look completely different when paired with a new item.

So I put the shirt over the dress, added a belt (from a sweater I already had) and voila, a new outfit. A cute outfit for $4!  Now that is a bargain. I bet you are saying, but I am fluffy (that is what my daughter calls me).  I wear a size 22, and I often find items my size at Thrift Stores.  It is usually easier to find things in my size because they group the Plus Size together.  You have to hunt, dig, follow a treasure map, but you can usually find something good.

Stay tuned for next week Thrift Store Thursday!

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