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My husband and I were married in 2006 after a wonderful courtship.  In 2008 I graduated with my doctorate in October, and we welcomed our little miracle into the world in November.  In January 2009, we realized I was not healing well from the birth and had terrible headaches.  Two years later, I had seen 8 doctors (in three states) and had a diagnosis of Chiari, Occipital Neuralgia (also called C1/C2 Compression), and Chronic Migraines.  The doctors told us to go home and hope for the best, since there was very little that could be done about the terrible pain.  With a great deal of determination, my husband and I researched, prayed, and pushed ourselves into good doctor's offices.  I had to be my own best advocate.

After 4 1/2 years of dealing with chronic pain, I am seeing hope.  I have had every procedure approved for my condition up to this point.  I am currently in a Botox study at Clinvest in Springfield, MO with Dr. Kady.  They have been great to work with!  I could never afford the Botox and my insurance does not cover the procedure.  So far we are seeing small improvements.  I will be writing about my journey, maybe to help others in similar situations.

Due to my lovely condition, I have not been able to work a "regular" job.  I teach adjunct, take care of my family the best I can, and homeschool our daughter (until fall when she will spend a year attending the school where my husband teaches, cue tears).  I believe in incidental learning, something I want to share as well!  

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.  Please let me know your story.  I love to hear how others cope with all life gives us!

I realized while writing this post, we do not have a family picture.  The last one we had was three years ago!  We are getting pics taken soon and will show you my adorable little family!


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