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I do not like cleaning. I am not one of those women who love to clean. I envy them! I was cleaning the house yesterday, getting ready for the tree, and found a great use for a product I already use. I love Clorox Disinfectant Wipes! I use them all over the house. But while cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I discovered they work GREAT to clean my stove! I have a black stove that shows every streak. The wipes cleaned all the grease and left no streaks, the stove looked great. You bet I will be using this again!

What is your favorite cleaning product?

Birthday Dress

Well the great thing about having a birthday so close to Halloween, is she gets a nice costume. We do not do much for Halloween, especially since we live in the country and have no guests besides my sister's children. We do go into town, but that is more so I can show off the costume I made. I know, but tell me I am the only one and I will feel bad.

This year the birthday party is princess themed so, the costume is Belle. I have never sewn a dress in my life and I started with a tiny one. I know they are much harder. Here are some pics in progress. I am almost done, need to put bows on the skirt and put the wrap around the shoulders. I picked up white tulle instead of yellow for the wrap, but she will not know the difference. I will post picks of her in it Tuesday.

What other Halloween costumes are out there? My friend Jenn was working on one for her son, maybe I can talk her into posting too.

Being Thankful.

Of course, we are all thinking of all the things we are thankful for this week. But why do i need a week, or a holiday, to remind me to be thankful? I don't know if I am like anyone else, but I get so caught up in my daily life, I forget to thank God for all the things He gives me. Ella and I have formed such a bond the past few months, but I do not thank God for that bond, I pray I do not pull my hair out due to her independent additude.

A friend of mine, Leslie, is posting what she is thankful for every day of November on facebook. I LOVE that idea. It reminds me to be thankful every time I read her posts. It challenges me to be more grateful. My friend Julie gave me a Grateful journal several years ago and I used it at a time I was going through a great deal physically and mentally. It helped to think of one good thing that happened that day.

As wifes and mothers, it is very easy to get down about daily things. This holiday season, I am going to write one good thing that happened that day to help me be thankful for ever day. Please join me in giving God praise for His goodness!

Eph 1:16

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