Mama Bear Syndrome

Has anyone ever dealt with a bully? Either a child bully or an adult bully?  What about when that bully tries to bully you, and it ultimately hurts your child? 

This is what my husband and I are dealing with this week.  A person at a local library is telling other people in town about a fine I have ($5 fine, not $500). [Side note: As soon as I discovered I had a fine, I planned to pay the next visit to the library the following week] I was upset she was telling others about my business, but I do not like to make a fuss and try to be a calm, loving, Christ example. 

However, don't you love that word "however", today she made it about my daughter, saying if we did not take care of the fine she would be denied into a program for the summer.  This is a public library, not a school program.  

I then found out from several friends she has told them this information!  I was okay to stay calm when it was about me, when it became about my baby, Mama Bear came out (as well as Papa Bear, you should see him right now!).   I wrote an email to the supervisor and my husband left messages by phone.  

I think we are doing what we should do, taking the proper channels.  I have to admit, that is not what I want to do, I want to go in tomorrow and give her a wonderful piece of my mind.  That is not the Christ thing to do, that is not the lady-like thing to do, yes I was raised to be a lady!  

How are we suppose to act toward bullies?  We teach our child to stand up to them, leave them alone, and tell a grown up.  I feel going to the supervisor my make things worse, but isn't that what the bully wants us to think.  I will be praying about this situation in depth, and trying to decide what we should do.  Hopefully we will all learn a good lesson, and learn how to deal with bullies, which are in ever part of our lives.  

I would love to hear what others do to deal with bullying and their children.  Please tell me your story.

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