Beauty of Summer!

I am the last person you would think about when thinking of gardening.  I hate to get dirty, or sweaty, or dirty.  Gardening has never been my thing, but I love flowers, especially roses and sweet peas.  Several years ago when we lived in the wonderful state of Louisiana (shout out to ya Cindy!) JC bought me a Garden Party Rose.  It is a lovely cream color with pink tips, I love pink!  We brought it with us when we moved to Missouri, and I was not sure if it would last in the Missouri winter.  The bush gave me a few roses each year depending on the rain amounts.  This year it has done the best yet, which may be a combo of rain and actually giving it some TLC. I have already got a half dozen flowers from it this season. 

Ok, I know, not all of these flowers are roses.  You are right, my hubby bought me a Peony plant for Mom's Day.  We planted (as by we I mean JC) the plant near my rose bush. Flowers are such a pick me up, God got it right with these. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather was nice and cool here so we had a great time in the yard and a visit to Baker's Creek (we are lucky, it is only a few miles away). More planting to come!


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